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Located in Spring, Texas, the School of Hard Knocks Judo is one of the largest and oldest USJA chartered clubs in the United States. 8th degree black belt head instructor, Andrew Connelly, is a life long martial artist who has served both as an Army Ranger Instructor and a Houston police officer.

Andrew Connelly Sensei was central in my promotion to Shodan. Not only did he sign and approve my application as my sensei, he also guided me through the entire process. Without his help, I still would not have my black belt. He has become a true mentor and friend and has been my primary advisor in developing HachiSakura Judo Club Inc. If you are ever in the Houston area, then I recommend without hesitation the School of Hard Knocks Judo where you will be welcomed and treated as family.


Specializing in traditional and sport judo, Ju Shin Kan judo club is a national level competition club. Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the club offers quality instruction for those looking to compete or just hone their skills. Ju Shin Kan focuses on younger competitors providing strength training, discipline, respect and martial art education in a fun and safe environment.
Paul Truong Sensei has been a great friend and supporter of Mancos High School Judo. He was our sponsor and a gracious host when we visited his club on our way to Denver tournaments. If you are ever in Colorado Springs, then I absolutely recommend Ju Shin Kan for an incredible judo experience.


In 1957, Mose Woodson and his two sons, Mike and Larry, started this judo club in Denton, Texas. Today, Mike is still actively teaching children of all ages and adults. He is unquestionably one of the kindest people that you could ever hope to meet, and his enthusiasm and energy are unsurpassed. With a long history of judo tradition and excellence, Denton Optimist Judo is one of the best in Texas.


Colorado Judo League (CJL) is a 501c(3) non-profit organization, and the State Governing Body (SGB) for the sport of judo in Colorado. CJL is affiliated with USA Judo, the National Governing Body (NGB) for judo in the USA.
The mission of the Colorado Judo League is to work within the Judo community as a cohesive group to further promote the common interests of its members.
CJL sanctions and conducts competitions, athlete clinics, coach certification and training clinics, referee certification and training clinics, promotion testing for black belt ranks, individual and club membership registration and many other aspects related to the sport of judo.


The next time you need a hair cut, go see Matthew Black. You'll get a great hair cut, professional and courteous customer service, and all for a great price. He's located at 360 West First Street, behind Notah-Dineh in Cortez, Colorado.

Mancos School District Re-6

Mancos High School was built in 1909, and the entire community prides itself on having the longest continuously used high school in the State of Colorado. Small class sizes provide for an intimate classroom teaching environment where teachers can develop strong, positive relationships one-on-one with their students. Mancos teachers provide 21st Century learning experiences which focus on feedback from the students and completion of significant projects which help students showcase the skills learned in classes.

Mancos Valley Chamber of Commerce

The town of Mancos is a historic community.  The town retains its pride in history with several buildings on the State and National Historic Registers while the downtown business district offers visitors art galleries, top notch dining options, as well as a distillery, a coffee house and one of the oldest continuously operating bars in Colorado.

Perhaps you want to explore the mysteries of the ancient peoples who lived here, farmed here and built the magnificent sandstone structures of Mesa Verde and Hovenweep. Our western outfitters are ready to create a trip for your family that is filled with discovery and adventure in the less traveled territory around the Mancos Valley. Picture yourself sleeping under the stars in a forest of aspen trees; floating down a pristine river beneath towering canyon walls; or learning about the traditional cultures of the Navajo, Hopi or Ute people.

If you are visiting Mancos whether on business or pleasure, or even just passing through, stop by the Mancos Valley Chamber of Commerce and check out all that Mancos has to offer.


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